Canada Immigration services in Saudi Arabia

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Canada’s high availability of jobs, great family policies for immigrants, and high quality of life, many citizens of Saudi Arabia have preferred to settle in Canada over the past decade.

What are the benefits of a Canada Immigration visa from Saudi Arabia?

The five different benefits of moving to Canada for Saudi Citizens are: Family Benefits with Canada permanent residence

  • Free education for kids up to adulthood
  • Free healthcare for the entire family
  • Right to sponsor parents or grandparents after you settle

No Restriction of Employment

  • In Canada, you can enjoy permanent residency even without a job.
  • The spouse also gets the right to work full-time in any company.
  • You can switch between jobs and change companies as per your desire.

No Racial Discrimination

  • Canada promotes diversity and gives equal respect to all religions.
  • No matter which nationality you represent or what religion you follow, the country lets you dwell in peace, without any discrimination.

Quick Citizenship Canada

  • Migrating to Canada can get your Canadian citizenship only in 3 years. Your child born during your phase of permanent residency is given the status of natural citizenship.

Trade relations

  • As Canada imports oil from Saudi Arabia, the countries share good trade relations with each other. Saudi Arabia represents Canada’s second-largest trading partner in the Middle East.
  • Hence, candidates who possess work experience from Saudi are often regarded as

assets or Canada’s ambassadors to the Canadian economy.

What are the possible visa categories for Canada from Saudi Arabia?

To move to Canada from Saudi Arabia as a temporary foreign worker or temporary resident, you can find many visa categories:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (Express Entry)
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program

Other Visa Programs:

  1. Business Visa

This Canada visa category is for professionals who are in plan of setting up a business in Canada. The subcategories of the visa are:

  • Quebec Business Immigration Program
    • Startup Visa Program
    • Immigrants Investor Venture Capital Pilot (IIVC) Program
    • Business, Entrepreneur, and Investment Programs (PNP categories)
  • Study Visa

If you are aiming to study in a Canadian government institution, then you can apply for this visa. The Canadian Study visa helps you to get an education from top universities by providing enough proof of funds to reside and tuition fees.

  • Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents

With a Super visa, your parents or grandparents can live with you in Canada for the long term and enjoy several benefits of Canadian permanent