Canada PR Immigration consultant for the people in Nova Scotia

Zee Overseas is a group of certified and authorized immigration and citizenship experts
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in making Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK, and various European countries their home. The
consultants have helped hundreds of people move to Canada to start a new life and their families.
They carefully analyze your academic background, technical qualifications and training, current
circumstances, and personal goals to decide which services suit you and your family. They
respond quickly and accurately to your questions or concerns, ensuring you stay stress-free.

Many foreign nationals chasing their dreams are wondering how to immigrate to Canada.
However, the Canadian government’s rules for settling here are complex and hard to navigate.
Put our immigration expertise and legal services to work for your project. We’ll verify your
eligibility for the available work or study permit applications and find the most suitable Canadian
immigration program for you.

Canada PR Process

Canada PR process is an easy 7-step procedure for applicants who meet the eligibility and
requirements. Following the 7 steps, you can process your Canada PR visa application. A
Permanent Resident (PR) visa has become prominent among immigrants willing to settle in
‘Maple Leaf country.’ It depends upon the path you choose to apply for the Canada PR visa.
Here is the list of paths that guide you on the Canada PR process.

● Express Entry
● Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
● Quebec Immigration
● Atlantic Immigration Program
● Canada start-up visa program

Application for a Canada PR visa through the PNP program requires the applicants to
have some connection to the province. You can either work in that province or study there. You
can be eligible if you have a job offer from an employer in the province. To qualify under this
program, you should be able to get 67 points out of 100 in the eligibility factors given below:

  1. Age: Those between 18-35 years get maximum points. Those above 35 get fewer points,
    while the maximum age to qualify is 45 years.
  2. Education: Under this category, your educational qualification must be equal to higher
    secondary education under Canadian standards.
  3. Work experience: For minimum points, you should have at least one year of full-time
    work experience. More years of work experience means more points. Your occupation
    must be listed as Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the National Occupational
    Classification (NOC).
  4. Language ability: You must have at least 6 bands in your IELTS test, and the score must
    be less than 2 years old. You get extra points if you are proficient in French.
  5. Adaptability: If your spouse or common-law partner is willing to migrate with you to
    Canada, you are entitled to 10 extra points for adaptability.
  6. Arranged employment: You can gain a maximum of 10 points if you have a valid offer
    from a Canadian employer