College Admissions & College Transfers

College admissions or College Transfers in Canada: to get upto 3 years of PG OWP:

We can assist you with College admissions in PG- work permit eligible colleges in most of the provinces in Canada. We can assist students from inside Canada or from outside Canada.

We assist you with College transfers in all the provinces in Canada.

If you have enrolled for one year course, you can get enrolled for second year course so you can study for 2 years and get work permit up to 3 years.

During your journey as an international student, you can change college or get transferred to other college from the college you are approved your study permit. You can enroll in other courses of your choices in any provinces you would like to get admitted.

We assist you to get admissions in most of the Universities or Colleges provided you qualify for the courses based on the criteria set out by the institute.

Note: You need to plan well ahead of time to avoid losing your status and get the intended courses.

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