Are we facing a work permit refusal in Canada? Zee Overseas is here to help! Our experienced team specializes in assisting individuals who have received a work permit refusal. We provide expert guidance and support to navigate the process and address the reasons for the refusal. If you’ve encountered a visitor visa or study permit refusal in Canada, we can assist you. Trust Zee Overseas to help you understand the refusal and explore alternative options. Contact us today and let our dedicated team work towards resolving your Canada visa refusal.

Experienced in dealing with Refused Cases:

Are you refused by IRCC? Did you get your application refused?

Visitor Visa Refused? Study Permit Refused? Work Permit Refused? Permanent Residency Refused? Or any other IRCC refusals?

We have been dealing successfully with those applications which has been refused by the IRCC.

Due to our professional experience and knowledge on the Canadian immigration requirements, we have been successful in getting such refused applications approved.

If your application to come to Canada is refused, you can apply again at any time, unless your decision letter says you can’t. You should only apply again if you can include information that you didn’t include before or address the concerns raised by the visa officers.

Commonly refused visitor visa/study permit:

The visa process for visitors/study can be complicated and messy. Reapplying for a rejected visa is a daunting task, but having the right information and right way to reapply can greatly simplify the process and the outcome.

It is very important to understand the grounds or reasons for refusal of your application. Most applications submitted and refused will definitely have some reasons for refusals indicated in the refusal letter and it needs to address properly while reapplying again. Refusal should not be taken lightly as every applications is recorded in the system so when you reapply you need to work on the application to near perfection.

It involves lot of ground work and the legal understanding to know the right way to reapply and grounds that would make your application logical, strong and in most cases would result in positive outcome.

We have been experienced dealing with types of refused cases like Visitor/ Study Permit/ Work Permit.

Do not waste your time and contact us if your application to come to Canada is refused. Time is of utmost importance when dealing refused applications.

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