Canada Express Entry Immigration Consultants Ottawa

Canada is one of the most immigrant friendly countries in the world and lakhs of foreign nationals are admitting as permanent residents in Canada every year. More than 50% of them are economic immigrants along with their spouse/partner as dependents.  There are many programs available to applicants who seek permanent residence in Canada. Express Entry, a completely electronic system was launched by the Federal Government in 2015 to boost Canada’s economy through migration.

Canada Express Entry Immigration

Express Entry is Canada’s application management system and not an immigration program in itself. It is used to manage the applications of skilled workers who want to immigrate to Canada as a skilled professional. This system allows the applicants to apply for living and working in Canada and become permanent residents in less than a year. Canada’s application management system-Express Entry- include the following permanent residence immigration programs:

Federal Skilled Workers Program

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Canadian Experience Class

And a portion of the Provincial Nominee Program

Every profile under the Express Entry System is given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score that is used to rank applicants against each other in the pool. i.e., it is a point-based system. You will get invitations to apply for permanent residence with the highest scores in the pool. Once you get the invitation you will have 60 days to submit the application. The Express Entry profile for the applicant is valid for 12 months. The processing time for the most complete applications that have all supporting documents is 6 months or less.

Canada Express Entry Immigration Consultants are having an important role in immigration process. They can save your time and money and helps you throughout the process with updated information. The Canadian immigration rules, policies and procedures are complicated. The Express Entry process has determined your eligibility to become permanent residents of Canada. The first step is to determine your eligibility in one of these programs. An immigration Consultant can help you with deciding which can be your most eligible program.  Choose them wisely for the immigration process to be easy.

An application for permanent residence through Express Entry, together with all the necessary documents, must be well prepared.  A complete, correct and timely submission of your application determines the key to obtain a positive decision. Being one of the Canada Express Entry Immigration Consultants Ottawa, Zeeoverseas Immigration consultants are ready to help you throughout the process to get your Canada PR. Zeeoverseas panel of experts offer services in various languages and suggest them the most suitable immigration pathway to achieve your desire to immigrate to Canada.

The eligibility criteria for the express Entry are:

  • A test proving adequate knowledge of English or French
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) positive report
  • A score of at least 67 points to qualify for some programs
  • Good medical health
  • Ability to clear the debt
  • No age barrier, but no point are awarded for over 47 years

Migrating to Canada from India through EXPRESS ENTRY

Canada Express Entry Immigration Consultants Ottawa

Canada gives the best opportunities for migration for skilled workers and professionals alike.

If you are from India who wants to migrate to Canada and bring your family along, then you have landed on the right blog! Read on.

Why should you move from India to Canada?

Here are 5 reasons why you should migrate to Canada:

Great Job Opportunities

Canada has an immense necessity for occupations in designing, clinical, development and some more. It is a best spot for gifted laborers to apply under Federal Skilled Workers program

Free Health Care

The Government of Canada offers free basic health care facilities for all its citizens. The government pays for medicines, dental care, optometry and others.

Good Quality of Life

Canada has a high standard of living with many public holidays, relaxed working hours and offers a great work-life balance.

Tolerant Towards Immigrants

Canada has a welcoming attitude towards migrants. In a survey conducted by HSBC Expat explore Survey, Canada has ranked itself as Number 1 in the world tolerance level for immigrants.

Freedom to Start a Business

Permanent residents in Canada can also legally start their own enterprise following Canadian immigration.

You can put resources into an establishment or start another business with sole ownership, organization, or company without being a Canadian resident.