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Canada Express Entry – Application Process, Eligibility

The Canada Express Entry system allows you to immigrate to Canada and apply for a Canada PR directly. The IRCC uses it to manage applications of skilled workers who want to Immigrate to

Canada as skilled professionals.

The Express Entry system for immigration to Canada, allows applicants to apply for living and work in Canada and become permanent residents in less than a year.

Prepare Yourself for Canada Express Entry

Before you submit the online application for Express Entry you will need to take the following steps

  • Take the language tests – IELTS for English and TEF for the French language
  • Get an Educational Credential Assessment or ECA did on your educational qualifications by a certified agency to prove that your educational standards are on par with the

Canadian education system

Steps for Canada Express Entry

The following steps are required for applying for Canada Express Entry

  • Canada follows a multi-faceted system for immigration into the country. Skilled as well as semi-skilled and agricultural workers are welcomed by the Canadian federal and provincial governments.
  • The most famous avenue for immigration to Canada is the Express Entry stream which works on a points-based system
  • Other pathways for immigration to Canada are work-permit visa, which allows its holder to work in Canada for a limited amount of time. A person can choose to extend a work permit and apply for permanent residence without living in the country
  • Quebec, which is an autonomous region within Canada has its own immigration stream that one can apply for
  • Another excellent method for immigrating to Canada is to enter the country as a student

and then gain experience in a Canadian company and gain extra points to migrate through the Express Entry

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