Immigration consultant for spousal sponsorship in North york

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As the word spouse suggests a married relationship, spousal sponsorship means sponsoring a married partner in Canada. According to Canadian immigration law, a marriage will be considered a marriage if it took place legally where it took place or if Canadian law accepts it as legal.

Eligibility Requirements for Spousal Sponsorship

Before sponsoring a spouse to immigrate to Canada under a spousal sponsorship program, the sponsor must be sure that he/she is eligible to sponsor. Some of the important points to take into consideration are as follows:

  • The sponsor must be 18 years or above to file in the process.
  • He/she must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • The sponsor must be residing in Canada however not he/she must demonstrate living in Canada once the spouse is sponsored.
  • He/she must have proof of the legitimacy of the relationship. (I.e. marriage certificates, photos, other supporting documents, etc.)
  • Although proof of income is not required for a spousal sponsorship application, the sponsor must show financial capacity for fulfilling the basic needs to sponsor his/her spouse.
  • The sponsor must not take government assistance except under special circumstances such as social disability.
  • Were sponsored yourself (principal applicant) by a spouse or partner (sponsor) and became a permanent resident less than five years ago?
  • Must have a clean record with no criminal convictions.
  • No violent/sexual convictions.
  • Must not be going through bankruptcy.
  • Must not be under the removal order.

Forms Required for Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

It is imperative to note that the spouse being sponsored must be free of criminal convictions and be in sound health. After immigrating to Canada, the spouse is allowed to work/study in Canada. The applicant and the sponsor will have to fill out the following forms to carry out the process:

For Canadian Spousal Sponsorship following forms must be filled out and attached to the application:

  1. Sponsorship agreement and undertaking
  2. Relationship Questionnaire
  3. Sponsorship evaluation
  4. Financial Evaluation Form (shows the sponsor’s financial capability to provide for spouse)
  5. Generic Application Form from Canada
  6. Additional Family Information Form
  7. Additional Dependents/Declaration (in case of more than 5 dependents on the application)
  8. Schedule A- Background/Declaration
  9. Representative Form, (states that you have hired a consultant/immigration lawyer to assist you in the process, in case you hired one)