Immigration consultant for work permit in Ottawa

ZeeOverseas is a group of certified and authorized immigration and citizenship experts that has been assisting professionals, business people, and family members of permanent residents and citizens in making Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK, and various European countries their home. The consultants have helped hundreds of people move to Canada to start a new life and their families. They carefully analyze your academic background, technical qualifications and training, current circumstance, and personal goals to decide which services are ideally suited for you and your family. They respond quickly and accurately to your questions or concerns, ensuring you can stay stress-free.

Many foreign nationals chasing their dreams are wondering how to immigrate to Canada. But the Canadian government’s rules for settling here are complex and hard to navigate. Put our immigration expertise and legal services to work for your project. We’ll verify your eligibility for the available work or study permit applications and find the most suitable Canadian immigration program for you.

Work Permits for Canada

Canada is always on the lookout for professionals and workers to build its national workforce. There are a number of different options for Canadian employers looking to fill a void in their business by hiring foreign workers. About 90,000 foreign workers come to Canada on a yearly basis. In most cases, foreign workers have to obtain a work permit, before they can work in Canada.

Some types of work do not require a work permit. A list of work permit-exempt jobs is reproduced for your information.

  • Business Visitors
  • Foreign Representatives
  • Family Members of Foreign Representatives
  • Military Personnel
  • Foreign Government Officers
  • On-Campus Employment
  • Performing Artists
  • Athletes and Coaches
  • News Reporters
  • Public Speakers
  • Convention Organizers
  • Clergy
  • Judges and Referees
  • Examiners and Evaluators
  • Expert Witnesses or Investigators
  • Health Care Students
  • Civil Aviation Inspector
  • Accident or Incident Inspector
  • Crew Members
  • Emergency Service Providers

Requirements to Obtain Canada Work Visas

Most of your employees will go through the temporary work permit process first. After one or more years, they may be eligible for a permanent work permit through the online Express Entry system. The three skilled worker immigration programs under the permanent work permit category include federal skilled workers, federal skilled trades, and Canadian experience class. The requirements differ for each, but all Express Entry applications typically need to include the following:

  • Passport or travel document
  • Education credential assessment report
  • Language test results
  • Written job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Provincial nomination (if the employee has one)
  • Police certificate
  • Medical exam
  • Proof of funds

The Federal Skilled Worker Program uses a point system known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Employees receive points based on English or French language skills, education, experience, age, adaptability, and arranged employment. They need a 67 out of 100 or higher to qualify.

Application Process

The basic steps to applying for a temporary Canadian work permit include:

  • Applying for labor market opinion: Before applying for a temporary work visa, employers need to qualify for the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), formerly known as an LMO. You must complete this step for the employee.
  • Obtaining a temporary job offer: Employers have to send a copy of the positive LMIA to the candidate with a detailed job offer letter. The letter is a formal employment contract that includes important information such as job title, description, salary, and more.
  • Applying for a work permit: Candidates can apply for a Canadian temporary work permit after obtaining the job offer letter and positive LMIA. This may include meeting with a visa officer who will determine if the employment adversely affects jobs for Canadians. If the person qualifies for the position, they will get a Canadian work permit.
  • Obtaining a work permit: After working in Canada under a temporary work permit, individuals may be eligible for permanent residence based on their job classification and language proficiency.