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Has your immigration application been refused CIC? People get disheartened after getting an application refusal notice from the CIC. Don’t get panic, you still left have many options to tackle this situation.

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ensure that cases are evaluated and processed as per the latest updated rules and regulations. Let’s take a look on this.

If your application for Canadian immigration was refused, do not panic! You do have options:

  • You might be eligible to pursue your Canadian Immigration Application Refusal to the Federal Court of Canada within a specific period.
  • You might be eligible to pursue your Canadian Immigration Application Refusal to the Immigration Adjudication Division (IAD).
  • You might have the option to request for Restoration to the Case Processing Centre (CPC).

You should note that if your immigration application was refused, you have to act quickly, because they have strict timelines for appeal.

Visa Rejection Reasons

In case you are denied a Canadian visa, you will need to follow the normal convention of assessing the explanations behind dismissal, adjusting all mix-ups, and giving any extra data that might be applicable to your case prior to reapplying.

If you are sure that there was nothing missing on your underlying application and that the visa official committed an error, you might be qualified to pursue or to demand re-examination. In such cases, you will probably need to examine the matter with an Immigration Consultant.

Study Permit/Canadian Study Visa applications are regularly declined for inability to demonstrate satisfactory monetary assets, evidence of aim to leave Canada after the program finishing, or absence of movement history.

Can I Reapply Myself?

Re-applying again all alone is vain. People will just get familiar with this reality whenever they have applied two, three, even multiple times all alone and are denied. The principle issue here is that the unfamiliar visa office won’t regard one more application put together by an individual applying all alone.

Best Option to choose?

For the most part, the nature of visa application decides the candidate’s alternative solution. Is it a Skilled Labour Application, Sponsorship, or a business visa refusal? Is the application documented inside Canada or outside Canada? These factors are vital while deciding the alternatives. After such an assurance, the candidate can pursue, re-apply or resolve the refusal case. A specialist legal advisor can assess your application cautiously and furnish you with huge help.

Judicial Review

A judicial review can be filed if due process was not followed by IRCC, If the visa office did not assess the application properly despite being presented a detailed and thorough application which highlighted all the necessary facts. In order to be granted leave via judicial review, one must prove that IRCC did not perform their job properly. Judicial Review will not be successful if the original application did not present a strong case for approval.

If your refugee claim was rejected, you might be able to have your lawyer apply to the Federal Court asking to review their decision. This is called a ‘Judicial Review’. You have 15 days to apply for this review from the day you receive notice that the claim was rejected.

Immigration Adjudication Division

Immigration appeals are decided by a judge or “member” of the IAD. The IAD hears different types of immigration appeals where Canadian permanent residents or citizens are involved. These include appeals from refused family sponsorship applications, removal order appeals, and residency obligation appeals.

IAD regulations require that the IAD Member reaches a decision not more than 90 days after the appeal hearing. Sometimes the decision can come immediately after the appeal, depending on the complexity of the case. If not given immediately, the decision will be sent to you via mail.

Case Processing Centre

In some circumstances where pr application rejected, you can request to restore your case for processing to the Case Processing Centre (CPC), once you get to know of your refusal.

Appeal deadlines are stringent and also depend upon where the application has been done. Applications within Canada have a different processing time than the ones filed by applicants outside Canada. It is recommended that you consult a skilled immigration lawyer to make sure that your case is assessed quickly and then consider the available options.

For visa reapplication consult our certified Canadian legal counsellors following the refusal notice. A little postponement can prompt end of your allure rights.

To know more about this, contact our immigration consultant in Ottawa for refused cases. In the wake of assessing your case, our attorneys would promptly begin their work. We would advance every single highlight support your case to get the most ideal result.