We at ZeeOverseas are experts at giving our clients the right advice on visa application through a methodical process.

Our immigration services are intended to provide our clients with comprehensive knowledge about the immigration procedure so they may make wise choices. As licenced immigration professionals, we guarantee that our customers get the help they need to fulfil their goals and realise their aspirations.
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In order to help our clients reach their ideal destination, we provide immigration services such as study, visitor, and permanent resident visas using a standardised procedure.

Our individualised strategy is centred on comprehending their particular needs and selecting the best immigration path for them.

About - ZeeOverseas

About the Founder

Mr. Zeenatali established Zee Overseas specifically to assist individuals in relocating to the nation of their choice. After earning a degree in immigration practise, he began serving as an CICC licenced immigration member.

He has assisted other hopefuls in realising their dreams of living abroad by guiding them through the immigration process. He has been providing his knowledge as CEO and director to Zee Overseas in order to assist them carve out a niche and become recognised as an immigration master. He has a great deal of experience creating customised immigration solutions.

Mr. Zeenatali is improving the lives of all individuals who wish to settle in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Germany, and France thanks to his years of experience and expertise in this field.