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Zee Overseas is a group of certified and authorized immigration and citizenship experts assisting professionals, business people, and family members of permanent residents and citizens in making Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK, and various European countries their home. The consultants have helped hundreds of people move to Canada to start a new life and their families. They carefully analyze your academic background, technical qualifications and training, current circumstance, and personal goals to decide which services are ideally suited for you and your family. They respond quickly and accurately to your questions or concerns, ensuring you can stay stress-free.

Many foreign nationals chasing their dreams are wondering how to immigrate to Canada. But the Canadian government’s rules for settling here are complex and hard to navigate. Put our immigration expertise and legal services to work for your project. We’ll verify your eligibility for the available work or study permit applications and find the most suitable Canadian immigration program for you


The simplest method for getting into Canada is exceptionally subject to the qualification prerequisites met by the candidate. Besides, it additionally relies upon the needs and objectives you have set for yourself. There are various ways of getting speedy and simple method for getting PR and move to Canada. Peruse beneath to know ways of getting Canadian Extremely durable Residency (PR) rapidly. Attributable to the meager populace in Canada, a few movement channels have opened up by the public authority. They assist help outside nationals with problem free migration to Canada. The public authority gives the least demanding ways of moving to Canada. Presently, there are various open doors accessible for talented experts, understudies, business financial backers, business people, and so on

Express Entry Program

Since the Express Entry System was introduced in 2015, it has become an immensely popular immigration stream. Thanks to its easy migration processes. It is also the fastest way for skilled workers to migrate to Canada in under six months only. Hence, it is considered as the easiest way to get a Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. Immigration under this category is undertaken through the point-based evaluation process done by using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool. This tool helps calculate the score of the candidate based on key factors like age, language competency, work experience, education, etc. The eligible score is decided by the IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada). The applicants who meet the desired score are considered suitable enough to immigrate and obtain Canada PR Visa. Accordingly, they are issued the ITA (Invitation to Apply). The express entry program is popularly known as the easiest way to immigrate to Canada. Recently, the Express Entry Draw score was announced on 28th September 2022,

the score was 504. Once the candidate obtains the score, they can easily start with the Canada PR visa process.

There are three sub-categories for immigration to Canada through the Express Entry program,

👉 Federal Skilled Workers Program(FSWP)

👉 Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP)

👉 Canadian Experience Class(CEC)

Under, the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), candidates who secure a minimum point score of 67 out of 100 on their assessment grid are considered a fit to migrate. For the Federal Skilled Trades program, it is mandatory to show a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. It should be for full-time employment for a minimum of one year. Along with this, the certificate of qualification in a trader’s occupation is mandatory too. Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration model for applicants who have worked in Canada for at least one year. This model focuses on talented and skilled workers who are efficiently working in Canada and desire to make skilled candidates in the country.