The Federal Skilled Worker Program is Canada’s primary economic immigration pathway and provide skilled workers along with their family the opportunity to be eligible and apply to become a permanent residents in Canada.

The initial step is  to submit an expression of interest in immigrating to Canada by creating an online Express Entry profile. Based on the relevant information provided in their profile, it leads to a score under Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) that determines their ranking in the pool against all eligible candidates.

Periodically, the Government of Canada issues Invitations To Apply (ITAs) to the highest-ranked candidates in the Express Entry pool and publishes the CRS cut-off score on the website. CRS scores are never predetermined and candidates will have to undergo various steps to improve their ranking while in the pool. No one can predict Future CRS Score. It is determined by the number of people in the pool and the relevant CRS Score from which the government will invite applicant with top score to bottom score approach until they reach their quota each draw.

Selection Factors:

The Federal Skilled Worker selection factors are listed below:

EducationUp to 25 points
Language SkillsUp to 28 points
Work ExperienceUp to 15 points
AgeUp to 12 points
Arranged EmploymentUp to 10 points
AdaptabilityUp to 10 points
TotalUp to 100 points

The candidate needs to score minimum of 67/100 points to be eligible to apply.

Procession Time: Once selected from the EE pool, IRCC aims to process complete Federal Skilled Worker applications in six (6) months or less. 

Please consult the Canada Immigration Processing Times Tool to find out the processing times for immigration applications.

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