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How do you study without a study permit in Canada?

Applying for a study permit is the only way to study in Canada if you are enrolling in a course that is longer than six months. Foreign nationals must acquire study permits for undertaking educational, vocational, professional, or research programs in Canada. There are certain circumstances in which you can study without a study permit. Let’s take a look at those scenarios-

For a short term program

If you are planning to pursue a study program that will last for six months or less than that, there is no need to get a study permit. Usually, the students who wish to study in Canada must apply for a study permit while staying outside Canada. However, there is an exemption if you have enrolled in a short-term course that will get completed within the original period. No visa extension is provided in the short-term course that is not completed within the stipulated time.

Minor children inside Canada

Minor children of temporary workers or students, Canadian citizens, and permanent residents are entitled to pre-school, primary, and secondary education without a study permit. This exemption does not apply when neither of the parents of minor children is authorised to study or work in Canada. Minor children accompanying parents claiming refugee status are entitled to education without a study permit.

Family members and members of private staff of accredited foreign representatives

A study permit is not required for family members and private staff members of accredited foreign representatives who are in Canada to fulfil their official duties as a diplomat, consular officer, representative, or official of another country, the United Nations, or any international organisation of which Canada is a member. A child below 19 is issued an acceptance counterfoil and does not require a study permit while their parent is posted in Canada. Children between 19 to 24 will be issued an acceptance counterfoil if they undertake a full-time program.

Members of the armed force of a country designated under Visiting Forces Act

Members of the armed forces of a country in Canada for training longer than six months are exempted from getting a study permit. They are also not required to get a Temporary resident Visa or electronic travel permit. A member designated as a civilian component of that visiting force will not get the exemption of study permit for his family members.

Registered Indians

There is no need to apply for a study permit if you have registered Indian status in Canada. It applies even if you are a citizen of another country. However, a registered Indian will have to get a study permit to work on campus.

Quick Facts

  • A student cannot apply for a study permit while staying within Canada for further studies.
  • If a student comes to Canada to study at a post-secondary institution that has not been designated to host international students, he will have to reapply for a study permit.
  • There is no need to apply for a study permit if the student is coming for a semester (4 months) in grade 12 as an exchange student. However, he will have to apply for a temporary residence Visa (TRV) if he comes from a visa-required country.
  • For working on campus at DLI University, an exchange program student needs a study permit.
  • A student who takes up a four-month ESL course as a prerequisite course for a long-term academic program must apply for a study permit for his academic program before coming to Canada.
  • A student who takes up an eight-month ESL course as a prerequisite course for a four-year University program will have to get a study permit for the prerequisite course as it exceeds the six-month duration.
  • A student coming to Canada to take a 5-months chef program and be required to work as a chef as a part of the training will have to apply for a study and work permit.

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