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Is PNP a way to go for PR?

Provincial Nominee Program has become one of the best and the easiest ways to secure permanent residency (PR) in Canada. PNPs allow Canada’s territories and provinces to nominate candidates for immigration. Canada’s different states and provinces nominate talented and skilled people from overseas for Canada Permanent Residency through the Provincial Nominee Programs(PNPs).

However, if you are a PR aspirant, you must be wondering what is so different about PNP when the fastest express entry online immigration system is already there. Let’s find out why PNPs are a key pathway to getting PR-

Why are PNPs the better option for getting Canadian PR?

Though the Provincial Nominee Immigration Program has longer processing time than the Express Entry Program and has higher processing charges, it is the best for immigration candidates who do not have a high comprehensive ranking system (CRS) Score but have a job offer in Canada.

Here are some of the benefits of applying for Canada as a provincial nominee-

  • Additional CRS Points: The nominations through a PNP make you eligible to get additional 600 CRS points in an express entry system, which helps you get an invitation to apply for Canada PR from IRCC ( Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada). It certainly makes the process easy.
  • Low English Proficiency: Some PNPs require less English proficiency from the applicants and do not demand high band scores. It will be a big plus for people with less band scores.
  • Low CRS points requirement: It is not always mandatory to have a high CRS score. Some of the PNPs require applicants with low Scores to apply for Provincial Nomination. So, this enhances the chance to get PR easily with less CRS Score from the PNPs.

What are the easiest PNPs to get Canada permanent residency?

There are different types of PNPs available where you can easily get PR. These programs have an easy application process and very liberal entry requirements. Here we mention a few of them-

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program(OINP)

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program(OINP) belongs to the Canadian province Ontario. Earlier, the CRS requirement for the OINP was 400 points or above. However, in 2018 the provincial government of Ontario waived the minimum CRS score requirement. So there is no minimum CRS points requirement anymore for OINP. Instead, the program director will decide the cut-off marks before every OINP draw. It is very beneficial for candidates with low CRS scores.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program(AINP)

Alberta offers one of the easiest Canadian provincial nominee programs to PR aspirants. Alberta’s Express Entry stream works through the Federal Express Entry system. One of the significant advantages of this stream is that it accepts Express Entry candidates with CRS scores as low as 300, which implies that more individuals in the pool will be eligible from the province to receive an Interest Letter.

If you apply through Alberta’s Express Entry stream and get the provincial nomination, you will be eligible to get extra 600 CRS points in the Express Entry, which will help you get a Canada PR invitation from IRCC. Hence, if your CRS points are less, applying for the Alberta immigrant nominee program can be your best chance of getting a PR.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program(SINP)

This Saskatchewan PNP belongs to Saskatchewan Province in Canada. This SINP has two main subcategories: Occupation in Demand(OID) subcategory & Express Entry subcategory( need express entry account to apply).

Both the streams are quite popular for the applicants. However, you must have sufficient experience in any of the occupations listed in Saskatchewan’s in-demand Occupation list to apply in this stream.

Saskatchewan invites many candidates through its Express Entry and OID subcategory. So, it’s one of the best PNPs to apply in and get Canada PR.

PNP plays a major role in getting the PR. Different PNPs provide a lot of benefits to your profile. Explore your options and find the opportunity that suits your requirements pertinently.

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