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Why is Canada the best choice for international students?

It is not surprising that every 3 out of 4 people are moving to Canada either for higher education or PR. According to the statistics, in 2020, there were 530,540 international students study permit holders in Canada at year’s end. Canada’s international student ratio has tripled over the past decade, and now Canada moved into third place globally, leaving the US and Australia behind.

Undoubtedly, Canada has become an ideal place for international students with the aim of higher education or PR. If you are wondering what the reasons that make Canada the most sought-after destination are, give a read below.

  1. Economy

Canada punches when it comes to the economy. Despite being the 38th largest population globally, Canada has the 10th largest economy. As one of the richest countries, it offers the highest standard of living with the lowest taxes and strengthens its economy with a 2.3% inflation rate. There is an ultimate opportunity and potential to be found in Canada’s fastest-growing and industrialized economy.

Canadians keep increasing their income each year, with an average of annual income being around $40,000.

  1. Canada embraces the right to healthcare.

Healthcare is one reason which makes Canada popular. Canada considers healthcare as the fundamental right of every individual. In the 1960s, Canada’s universal healthcare system was adopted. The plan involved providing all residents, even provinces or territories in Canada, access to reasonable healthcare or medical services without even paying out of pocket for healthcare services such as for accessing doctors or visiting hospitals.

According to OECD, Canada spent $6,323 per person on healthcare in 2017. Reliable healthcare access makes Canada an ideal place to live.

  1. World-class education system

Canada leaves nothing behind in offering a world-class education system. The country spends more on education per capita than any other nation. Not only this, Canada has been named the most educated country globally with the highest proportion of college graduates. Talking about college, Canada is home to some of the world’s top universities like McGill, the University of Toronto, McMaster, and the University of Colombia.

Moreover, primary and secondary education is free in Canada and post-secondary studies. These reasons make Canada reliable and the first choice when it comes to education.

  1. Canada welcomes & embraces diverse cultures and immigrants.

Canada is beautiful with its diverse culture and ethnicity. This can be proudly seen since the year 1970’s when Canada officially adopted a policy to promote multiculturalism, and ever since, it has been a key identity of Canada. According to the research, Canada has one of the highest immigration rates per capita compared to other nations. In 2018, Canada welcomed over 310,00 immigrants into the country. Counting the population of Canadians, 22.3% identify as a visible minority and 21.9% as foreign-born.

Despite the number of immigrants residing in Canada, one of the best things is that Canada is known for its ‘mosaic’ approach to multiculturalism. People from diverse cultures and ethnicities live in harmony while maintaining their cultural and religious practice.

  1. Canada is a beautiful place and completely safe.

There is no denying Canada is blessed with some gorgeous scenery to enjoy. From BC’s mountains to PEI’s coastal views, Niagara falls, Deep river- the views are breathtaking. And of course, there are Northern Lights and Ice, mountain skylines, beautiful bays- when it comes to beauty- Canada is hard to beat. This country is one of the most amazing and beautiful places to live. Not to mention with amazing food.

One of the most important aspects while moving to any nation is looking up for security. Canada is again at the top when it comes to security. The country continually ranks in the top 10 safest countries in the world on various polls and indexes. Canada’s crime rate is low and has a peaceful approach to foreign diplomacy.         

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