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What is Canada doing to keep international students?

International students have all the good reasons to choose Canada as their dream destination. Considering that it is one of the most sought after study destinations by students across the globe, it won’t be wrong to say that Canada offers its visiting students ample reasons to come and stay. Yes, that’s right!

Canada wants you to stay!

Canada is an absolute favorite of students because of its friendly immigration policies apart from being an exemplary cultural mosaic and welcoming nation. As per the immigration plan 2022, it was revealed that Canada wants to welcome 431,645 new permanent residents in 2022. Let’s see how international students fit into this picture-

Post-graduation work permit (PGWP)

International students are eligible for post-graduation work permits after completing their studies. It allows a temporary stay in Canada to work from eight months to three years at maximum. PGWP does not assure permanent residency, but it can extend your stay in Canada. For getting a PR, one must apply for Canadian immigration through PNP or express entry route. PGWP is a great initiative by Canada that allows international students to gain work experience in Canada and eventually apply for permanent residency.

More PR pathways for international students

Being well-aware of the fact that international students hold the advanced skills and knowledge to serve the Canadian economy, the new immigration policy focuses on opening more pathways for permanent residency for international students. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has emphasized creating new pathways to ensure that international students settle down in Canada after completing their education. Right now, the government is working on clearing the backlog of applications that have arisen due to the pandemic.

Announcement of new programmes to promote immigration

It is certainly good news for international students that Canada is set to launch the Municipal Nominee Program (MNP). The opportunity to work in smaller provinces and territories will open up great new gateways for international students to find employment in Canada. Having attained standardized education and skills, it would be easy for international students to find jobs in smaller communities.

Quick processing time and waiving application fees

Isn’t it wonderful news? As per the new immigration policy, the processing time for applications will reduce substantially. It is certainly a great advantage for immigration and study permit aspirants. There would not be delays in getting study permits or work permits, and the entire process will be enhanced greatly. Apart from that, Canadian citizenship application fees have been waived.

Canadian education counts for points under express entry

Profiles in express entry pools are rated on a point-based system. The greater the education, the more points are given. Canadian education counts for 30 points in CRS, providing the students edge over those with similar qualifications but from another country. Extra points for Canadian education is a great incentive to study in Canada because studies show that international students wish to get permanent residency after completing their education.

Apart from the above incentives, Canada offers various other benefits to international students. There are blooming job opportunities in Canada, and who is better than international students to fill the shoes. Canada provides a sense of belonging and inclusion to international students. The major benefits of studying in Canada are listed below-

  • Quality education
  • Affordable study options
  • Work-student life balance
  • Students safety
  • Immigration opportunities
  • Career opportunities

It would not be wrong to say that Canada is ensuring that it stays the number one choice for international students with the help of various provisions and facilities.

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