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4 Ways An Experienced Immigration Consultant Can Help You

Canada has become one of the most popular immigration destinations. From 2015, Canada has allowed tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.  BBC has reported the quote of Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, which states- the country has acknowledged more immigrants per capita in comparison to other Western countries.

If you too want to immigrate to Canada, you should apply for the visa. You may process the application yourself, but it would be a time-consuming process, full of hassles. Otherwise, you can hire the best immigration consultant in Ottawa, ON. These days, most people prefer the second option.

Who is an immigration consultant, and how can he/she help you immigrate? An immigration consultant is someone who will guide you throughout the process of achieving a Canadian visa. The consultant is expected to be fully trained and familiar with the requirements of the visa application.

An expert’s knowledge and experience may help you walk through the process with ease. You will need to pay consultation charges. The charges may vary depending on the delivered assistance and the consultants’ roles in the entire immigration process. Let us tell you how an experienced immigration consultant in Ottawa Ontario, can help you in your immigration process.

 An immigration consultant – Saves Time and Money

Immigration consultants save your time and money. They help you know which Canadian visa is required for your purpose. They will walk with you throughout the entire process. Gaining the visa will become facile and faster with the help of a dedicated immigration consultant. If you want to save your time and money, you should choose a consultant wisely. While selecting a consultant, you should not forget to ask what visa options the consultant is providing.

Provides Valuable Advice

From 2004, it has become mandatory for the consultants to be authorized immigration consultants. To achieve the authority, the consultants need to complete a specific accredited program. 

This program educates the consultants about immigration law in Canada and procedures related to citizenship and immigration application. Moreover, council members are made well-informed about the new information and happenings in the immigration domain.

 Consultants must complete professional development and practice management education. Regulated Canadian Immigration consultants or RCICIs are considered legal representatives, and also they are members of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. These consultants utilize their knowledge and experience gathered from the program to provide you with the right advice regarding immigration processes.

Protects you from Unintended Actions

Members of the RCICs need to achieve error and omission insurance. This insurance saves applicants from unintended actions that may bring financial damages. The aspiring candidates need to achieve insurance to protect their clients after being authorized immigration consultants.

Even a single mistake by the consultant can drag the client into a critical situation. If a client thinks that the consultant could not perform properly and his/her errors harm him, the client can file a complaint to ICCRC. ICCRC will carry out a thorough investigation. Once the investigation is done, the investigating team will suggest the client and the consultants how they can resolve the dispute.

Helps you Follow Ethical and Professional Rules

Council members and consultants need to maintain a Code of Ethical Conduct that sets out their practices’ right processes. This Code includes stringent rules regarding quality service, ethical practices, and confidentiality, professionalism, etc.

 Violation of these codes can be considered as an act of non-compliance. Hence, it must be taken into account seriously and dealt with dedication and patience. All these strict rules are meant for preserving the client’s interests and the reputation of an immigration consultant.

A Final Takeaway

If you feel that you need help filling the visa application form, then hiring a consultant can be the right decision. You should always try to find out the best immigration consultant in Ottawa, ON. Take time and research well before hiring a consultant for your immigration.

For more useful information regarding immigration, keep an eye on the future posts!

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